We recommend you to for one day try to really see people around you. Acknowledge them for who they are or if that becomes too difficult, at least for what they do.

Try for one day. See what a difference it makes in your surroundings and in your life.

Would you like more attention and acknowledgement yourself? It is with this as it is with love or with feedback - which we'll talk about in another part of the Relationship School - if you do not get enough, give a bit more!

Filippa: I have experienced that people feel acknowledged and affirmed when they get to talk about themselves and are asked questions that get them thinking about things that makes them feel good. Questions such as: What makes you happy? What are you proud of? What is good about what happened? Which are by the way good question to ask when a person is stuck in a negative thought pattern.

I am however careful not to sit and agree with a person for too long and brood over something tough that happened. It can lead to the person bringing themselves further down into an even worse state or choose to remain where they are as a way to get acknowledgement.

It is possible to acknowledge myself by acknowledgement of others. I get a great feeling when I give someone I do not know, and probably will not meet again, a compliment that makes them light up. For example, I walked behind a woman with a beautiful coat. I walked up alongside and said what I thought of her coat. She really light up and thanked me for the given compliment.

I guess she in turn took that good feeling with her to her home and perhaps passed it on to someone else. Everything is spreading like ripples in a pond, you can be one that starts those ripples. Doing that I acknowledge to myself that I can make a difference in the world - I am important.

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