In class 18 of the Relationship School you will learn how there are rules and guidelines in any relationship and how you can use that knowledge for your benefit.

Whether you are interested in sport you or not might still know this. That something that is always present in sporting events is rules, rules that creates a common ground to meet from. So what would better suit than dedicate this class in the Relationship School to the rules in relationships that is equally always present?!

Dinner is just finished. Hans stays at the table and picks up the evening paper to see what has happened out in the world that day. Meanwhile Lena is tidying up the table and starts washing up the dishes after dinner. Hans is feeling good, full and satisfied with his paper. Lena is feeling frustrated, disappointed that she once again is getting no help with the dishes.

Here Markus Amanto talks about the rules or guidelines that we create for behavior in a relationship and how these can be spoken or unspoken, clear or unclear.

Couple with laptop studying relationships