Whether you are interested in sport you or not might still know this. That something that is always present in sporting events is rules, rules that creates a common ground to meet from.

So what would better suit than dedicate this class in the Relationship School to the rules in relationships that is equally always present?!

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The rules of the relationship game!

All relationships have rules, rules that says what is allowed in the relationship and what isn’t. They can help us understand what an acceptable behavior is and what’s not.

Sometimes these rules are clear, sometimes less clear. How clear these rules are for the parts in the relationship has a big importance for the quality of the relationship. Relationships where two people live happy together for a long time are characterized amongst some things by the clarity of the rules applying to the relationship. Both parts are also aware of these rules and accept them.

There are four categories of rules:
- Clear spoken rules
- Unclear spoken rules
- Clear unspoken rules
- Unclear unspoken rules

A rule is clear when it is understandable, tangible and everyone involved has the same interpretation of the rule. A rule that is unclear is perceived as fuzzy and leaves a lot of space to your own interpretation. That a rule is spoken/pronounced means that everyone knows about it, it is so to say official and is included in the language of the family. An unspoken rule is either known or secret, but if it is known it is only spoken about in parts of the family or group.

Article: Whose rules do you play by?

This class's article delves in to these rules that exists in all our relationships and which guides us in what is ok and not ok in the relationship. Sometimes they don’t guide us at all and the problems can occur. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


As always, you can also download the text so that you can print it or read it in the comfort of your own computer.


'If you obey the rules you will miss out on all the fun.’

(Katherine Hepburn)

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