This time Relationship School isn't just about me or about you. This time we will discuss the fact that healthy relationships is about we and us, not just about I and me...

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To open your eyes and see that there are more in the world than just yourself!

It happens occasionally that we in our relationships bury us in ourselves. We feel unfairly treated or overlooked. It is quite often about us focusing too much on ourselves. We are too busy with our own ego.

The moment that I realize that I have got stuck in to an exaggerated ego-focus and instead can move on to focus on both others and myself, in the same moment I free myself and get access to more of myself. One of the most important shifts in our approach to our relationship paradigm is to go from the belief that the world and relationships is all about me, to being about us. Relationships are about us, not me.

It is when I focus on just myself that I feel pain, that is when I feel emotions that makes me act in childish ways that won't do my relationship any favors or I take a parental approach that criticize my partner.

A perfect way to get to a more free us-focus is to listen, make it your task to be wholly and fully actively present and listen to the other person. Understand him or her and make this person to feel like the most important in the world at that moment.

Article: The world is not about me, it is about us!

The article in this class is about the shift of focus that can make an incredible difference in your life. You will find the article on the link below. If you cannot click on the link you can also copy and paste it in to your favorite browser.


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'You can make more friends in two months by being interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to make people interested in you.'

(Dale Carnegie)

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