This class is about the most intense communication that the human has invented. Feedback is undeniably an intensive communication and used in a good way it can get more said in shorter time than most other things that we can do.

It is our hopes that you will in this class find support, inspiration and knowledge to improve the communication in your relationships.

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The human gift...

Feedback is a gift, a gift of affirmation and attention. A gift to someone else that signals that I care about you and our relationship; you are both important to me. Feedback is also the most intensive communication we can engage.

There is a tribe in Africa that hasn't got the worst punishment in style with prisons or death penalties. The worst punishment they judge you to if you have broken any of their laws is that you have to stay in the village, but, and it is a big but, no one will talk to you, no one will look at you. No one will even pretend that you exist. It is their worst punishment. People who get treated with this punishment will after a while often get sick in the lack of human acknowledgement or they might even die.

Article: A human gift - about feedback

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'One wants to be loved, failing that admired, failing that hated and despised. You want to dedicate people in to some sort of feeling, the soul shudders of emptiness and wants contact to any cost'

(Hjalmar Söderberg, Doctor Glas 1905)

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