In class 19 of the Relationship School you will learn the immense power of reflection and how it can help you improve your relationship happiness.

When spring is in the air you will feel a lot of emotions quivering through your body. There are different times in life and through the year that are best suited for different things. Maybe the autumn is the most natural time to reflect over the past year but if we make reflection into a habit in our relationship we create opportunities to grow stronger, happier and more passionate together.

We have said it before and it's worth repeating, what doesn't develop and grow will slowly die. There is nothing in the Universe, nature or even in our own inner where there is any kind of form of so called "status quo" where things are immutable. People who shiver out of discomfort before a change often have a hard time grasping that more than 90% of their body cells are replaced during a year.

Reflection is a great way to grow as a person and partner. Markus Amanto shares some thoughts on reflecting together with your partner.

Couple with laptop studying relationships