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Giving is an important part of life quality. That includes the giving in a relationship and whether it occurs with or without conditions.

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Levels in a partner relationship!

You can say that there are three stages or levels in a relationship. They are as follows:

1. ALL ABOUT ME - I focus on what I want to get out of the relationship and try to control things in relationship by using the world outside the relationship.

2. EQUALITY / TRADING - I give to get, if you do this for me - I will do that for you. I focus on meeting both my and your needs

3. YOUR NEEDS ARE MY NEEDS - I make it my mission in life to meet my partner's needs and will continue relentlessly until I make that happen.

The level where I spend most time in a relationship is crucial to the duration and vigor of the relationship. Many relationships are sunk by the selfishness that characterizes the first level or die slowly throught the continous trading that occurs in level two.

It is interesting to ask ourselves where we get our main education about relationships. It any case, we do not remember having a subject in school called "Relationships in life - how you contribute to the creation of love, passion and happiness".

Perhaps we learn about relationships through magazines, from our parents or through soap operas on TV. Who are your role models for how to build healthy and vibrant relationships?

Creating a relationship where both parties are living on the third level requires courage, determination and a good dose of self-distance. Anyone who has been, or is, at that level can testify that it is worth the potential hassle and extra effort.

Article: The three levels in a relationship!

The article in this class of the Relationship School goes deeper into the three levels briefly described above, as well as providing examples and tips to take with you in life. The article can be found at the link below. If you can not click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favourite browser.


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'There is no cure for love but to love more. "

(Henry David Thoreau)

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