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Control is the word!

We all have different needs for control in our relationships, like a couple they go hand in hand, the control and the trust. When we feel a high level of trust we can let go of our need for control and vice versa.

When we feel insecure and have a lack of trust then we also use more energy to gain control over the circumstances of our lives in general and our partners in particular.

Where we believe that the control over how we experience our lives is located, we could call the control room. If we believe that other people have control over us or somehting else in our surroundings has control over our lives, that means our control room is outside of ourselves.

If we believe that we ourselves control how we experience life, that means we believe that the contro rooml is within ourselves.

Attempts to control our partners, to take over their control room, arise in situations where we feel threatened, where the fear is stronger than the trust. What we perceive as threatened is the ability to get our basic needs met or our self-image, how we view ourselves and our life.

If you instead devote your time to learning how the controls work in your own control room, your ability to create satisfaction will increase significantly.

To always or most of the time, have the need to be right, which means a form of control, may be among the most devastating things for the love and the passion in a relationship.

Article: But who is it that is driving?

This class's article is all about control in relationships and how this need can affect us and those dear to us in a decisive way. The article can be found as usual on the link below. If you can not click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favourite browser.


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"To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves."

(Virginia Woolf)

'Whoever controls the present, controls history. He who controls the past, controls the future. "

(George Orwell)

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