In class 16 of the Relationship School you will learn how polarity is the fertile ground that passion finds it enegry from.

As you might have realized already, one of the teachers that we admire and respect is Anthony Robbins, an American who is developing, educating and challenging people. He has a saying that he use which is “Live with passion!” This class of the Relationship School this time is simply about passion and in this case, passion in relationships.

Relationships rarely end because you run out of love, most often they end due to lack of intimacy or lack of passion. There are a lot of examples on relationships where you still feel love towards your partner but you miss the spark and lust, the passion, what distinguishes two people who like each other and live under the same roof from two people who like each other and fill with lust just by the thought of each other’s company.

Markus Amanto talks about the importance of having polarity in your relationship for there to be passion.

Couple with laptop studying relationships