There are few things in our lives that we hear so many sayings about when we are kids as the subject in this issue of the Relationship School. Money! "Money does not grow on trees" is just one of many examples.

There are also few things that are able to destroy a relationship in such a devastating way as continuous fights about money and finances do. So, the theme this time will therefore be... that is right, money and relationships.

With Love,

"Money, money, money" (ABBA)

One of the most common causes of conflict in relationships is just money. Money quite often becomes an area where you can exercise both control and resistance. It may be, for example, the need to control the other's behavior in connection with money or it may be a reluctance to deal with money.

We agree with the saying that money cannot buy happiness, at least not directly. In our view, what money can buy is time. If you have plenty of money, you can reduce your time and perhaps work fewer hours per day. If you are really wealthy, you can also choose to stop working completely. Thus, money can buy time. Time can buy freedom and freedom can buy happiness.

Just as actors have a manuscript to follow, we have money scripts that we follow, often unconsciously. But who is it that has written these money scripts? In order for us to be able to change them, we need to realize that we are in fact the ones who wrote them.

However, and this is important, we have often written them under powerful external influence.

We all also have an internal financial thermostat connected to money. It has a direct link to your money script so the two definitely interact together. Your financial thermostat regulates your financial situation. The thermostat turns off and on to keep you at the financial level you are comfortable with and this could become a barrier when it comes to achieving your life goals if you are not aware of it. At the same time it can be a really good friend if you can take advantage of it.

Article: "When poverty walks through the door, love flies out the window"!

The article in this class is about money and how the relationship to money affects us in our relationships. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favourite browser.


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"Whoever said money cannot buy happiness simply did not know where to go shopping."

(Bo Derek)

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