In class 13 of the Relationship School you find a letter written especially for men.

We hope that this issue will bring more clarity in to the relationship between male and female. It is written a letter for you with a core of male energy. Óf course others are welcome to read as well.

This is written to you who have a core of male energy. I will call you a man for most of this letter as it is what you most often are. Sometimes you are also a woman with an internal core of male energy. It is not as common but still perfectly ok as long as it is the real you. To get the polarity and passion in your intimate relationships you need to find a man, or another woman for that matter, that has an inner core of female energy.

Here Markus Amanto shares advice for a man in a relationship to a woman, or rather a person with a masculine core in relationship to a person with a feminine core.

Couple with laptop studying relationships