We hope that this issue will bring more clarity in to the relationship between male and female.

It is written a letter for you with a core of male energy. Óf course others are welcome to read as well.

With Love,

Written by one man to another!

This is written to you who have a core of male energy and I will call you a man for the simplicity when reading this, remember a woman can also have a core of male energy. I would like to begin with telling you that you can stop apply any logical reasoning on the relationship to your woman. I mean, that you can stop trying to understand her behavior, her way of being and thinking, in a logical way.

The sooner you see her as a being that carries all the beauty and mystery in Universe in one person, the sooner you will have more energy to happiness in life, the sooner you will free yourself and her in your relationship by letting her be everything that she can be, the sooner you will experience real passion in your relationship.

Your task as a man is to stand there through her emotional storms, to be the lighthouse on her ocean, light up the surroundings and show her the way whether or not it is hailing horizontally or the sun shines in all its glory.

The big equation for us men to solve, the Gordian knot if you so will, is to satisfy your woman's need so that she feels like she is unconditionally loved and can flourish in all her vibrant femininity while, at the same time, you won't become a victim for her whims, a puppet that she can control the way she wishes.

Article: Letter to a man!

This class's article is written by a man to another man about being a man and can relate to a being with a female core of energy. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


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'When you look in to her eyes you know what kind of man you want to be.'

(Peter Parker, alias Spider Man)

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