In this class we dig ourselves in to the very foundation of a relationship.

Two building blocks that every healthy relationship relies on... to be continued below...

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Without trust and respect you are going against the odds!

Trust is a continuous foundation in all shapes of relationships. Trust can be formulated in different ways, from a belief that good comes back to you or a feeling that the other person has good attentions towards you, that you have the same goals.

Trust in a relationship is shaped by how we meet each other in the hardest moments in a relationship. The way a man reacts when a woman has an emotional storm is very crucial to whether her trust will strengthen or weaken.

Respect for our partner is often about how much we value what our partner brings in to the relationship. It can be the characteristics, abilities or how the person makes us feel. We will respect the person if we value this high.

The word respect comes from the Latin words "re" and "spect", which means "again" and "see". If we put these two words together we get "see again" or "see twice". Respect comes from outside if I find it worth seeing the other person again or am I satisfied by just taking a peek into the others soul?

Most people can probably vouch for that creating a good relationship without trust and respect is a hard mission, if not to say impossible.

Article: Two building foundations needed for a fantastic relationship!

The article in this class is about trust and respect and gives practical examples and guidance around these vital parts in a relationship. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


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" Don't ever take another person's dignity: it is worth a fortune for them and nothing for you"

(Frank Barron)

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