Welcome to a new class of the Relationship School! Hopefully you have had time to work on and able to practice on the feedback that we discussed in a previous lesson, because this time we will bring up a topic when feedback can be a good tool to use; when it comes to conflicts.

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Conflicts – straight from the gene pool! Or not?

It is quite obvious that in our world we don't have to look very far to find a conflict. Some argue that conflicts is a natural part of being human, as natural as breathing, as naturally it is that conflicts arise when people come together and that these conflicts are the seeds of development and opportunities. Others argue equally determined that the conflict is extremely unnatural and should be avoided at all costs.

Whether or not someone added a couple of tablespoons to be prone to conflicts when our gene pool was put together, we can note that people have different stories when it comes to conflicts, different interpretations of what the word conflict means and not least different ways how to handle conflicts.

Our Top 10 list for managing conflicts in relationships

  1. Have a learning attitude rather than a blaming one!
  2. Don't blame someone else or something else!
  3. It's worth repeating, avoid trying to find scapegoats!
  4. Speak from your own experience!
  5. Avoid "you said..." –"I said..." tennis matches!
  6. Use feedback (we've got the article about it)!
  7. Confirm each other as people, even if you disagree!
  8. Breathe!
  9. Breathe deeper! The brain does the strangest things when it is lacking oxygen!
  10. Make sure that you can spell the magic words"I'm sorry"!

Article: Conflicts and conflict management

This class's article is of course about conflicts. In the article we give a couple of different explanation models about conflicts. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


As always, you can also download the text so that you can print it or read it in the comfort of your own computer.


"You can't solve a problem in the same state of mind as it was created in"

(Albert Einstein)

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