In class 23 of the Relationship School you learn about one of the most fundamental needs in relationships, the need for acknowledgement and how that can be met in a good way.

Welcome to a new class of the Relationship School! It's a fantastic autumn day outside when we write this and we hope to be able to pass on part of that beauty to you through this class of the Relationship School!

We once heard about a tribe in Africa whose worst punishment wasn't jail or fine, nor the death penalty. No, the worst punishment they would hand out for serious crimes was that the person who committed the crime had to stay in the village. No one in the village would look at him, make eye contact with him, speak to him or in any way acknowledge that he existed. The people who got sentenced to this quite often became sick after a while, some even died due to the lack of human acknowledgement.

The need for acknowledgement is a very basic human thing. Markus Amanto talks about how this can affect your relationship.

Couple with laptop studying relationships