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To confirm or not confirm – that is the question!

See me! See me! This is a desire so human, so casual and so important.

Few things are as powerful as to what we humans are prepared to do to be confirmed. If we can't get it one way we will try another. Many conflicts, uncertainties and fears have through decades sprung from the lack of confirmation.

Our society today, our work places, our homes and lives tends to be more High Tech for each day that passes. We think that when the world becomes more High Tech the need of High Touch will increase in proportion. If High Tech is the meeting between technology and human, High Touch is the meeting between human and human. That in that meeting, human to human, touches each other.

An excellent way to touch each other is through confirmation. It can be a verbal, written or non-verbal confirmation. Imagine what an "a little bit longer that normal eye contact" can do, a smile, and a note on the fridge about what you mean to me in life.

I see you. Let your whole soul, your whole spirit, and your whole being sing this message when you meet other people and fantastic things will happen in your life and others. We wrote earlier that feedback is a wonderful gift. The essence in that gift is confirmation.

Article: To confirm or not confirm, that's the question!

This class's article is, as you probably have guessed, about confirmation. The article can be found on the link below. If you cannot click on the link, you can also copy and paste it into your favorite browser.


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"If you want your merits to be known, confirm other people's merits"

(Saying of unknown origin)

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