A balanced life!

"Balance in life," is something we often hear, what is it and is it really attainable? How would your life look like if you had complete balance in your life, how would you feel?

A balanced life means to nurture, cultivate and highlight different parts of ones inner and outer world. What you give focus and attention to, will expand. It is one of the laws of the universe. Just as Newton had an apple fall on his the head and found that it had a connection with the laws of physics, there are also laws or principles that govern what happens in our psychological world.

The law of focus and expansion

One of these laws and principles is what we stated above, the principle that what you consciously provide attention and focus to over time will expand. Focus over time on stress and you will soon be a chemically overdosed and hyper-stressed individual who has difficulties falling asleep at night. Focus on love, focused and over time, and see the magical things happen in your life.

Give your attention to health, think health, eat as if each bite you eat is a concentrated health booster and your whole being will be unable to escape the move towards a healthier body, healthier mind and fresher oxygen in your lungs.

The five pillars of health

A perspective on the balance that we have taken to heart, is a health perspective on our whole life. We learned initially this approach through a Japanese company called Nikken. They see it as that there are five pillars of health in life that need to be balanced in order to enjoy yourself in total wellbeing. The five pillars of health are:

  • Healthy Mind (that you yourself grow as a person and learn new things and develop yourself, stimulation of the intellect)
  • Healthy Body (not just the absence of disease but to wake up refreshed and have energy throughout the day to socialize with those who are important to you)
  • Healthy Family (nurture relationships with family and friends so that they are loving, full of mutual exchange and a breeding ground for human growth)
  • Healthy Finances (the avoidance of debts that drain your mood, the ability to treat yourself to a good life, room for both short term and long term planning)
  • Healthy Society (that you see yourself as part of a larger context and that you are helping to make this context better, more vibrant and more generous)

Friendship and happiness between younger and older woman

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