Discipline is clearly a key word here. It is a word that awakens different things in people. Some think it sounds just as appealing as rusty barbed wire for breakfast, while others see it as power and opportunity.

If you belong to the category of barbed wire, it's no wild guess that there is a great opportunity for you to look at your associations to the word discipline and how it affects your life. Discipline is one of the keys that allow you to be someone who does something with their lives instead of someone who their life does something with.

Being proactive

Planning, to do something with your life instead of the other way around, is know by a fancy word as proactivity. Stephen Covey talks about this in his excellent book "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People". It means being one step ahead.

Instead of trying to catch up with life running with your pants down at your ankles. Instead, you jog half a step ahead of life and create opportunities that then allow you to ride the wave of life for a while. When you fall behind, be sure to reflect on what you need to change in your way of being, trim your running shoes and get into action.

Saying no to something is a 'yes' to something else

To the victor among the balance destroyers, we can probably appoint the inability to say 'no'. You need to, no you must, learn to make the word "no" to an active, powerful and well-targeted part of your vocabulary. If you are going to have any chance of find that power and distinction in your 'no', you must set aside time to find out what is important to you in life.

It's called prioritization. To say 'no' is about priorities. To be able to prioritize, you need to know what to prioritize. Otherwise, you sit there like a weathervane and waste your life's best moments on meaningless phone calls, unimportant emails and unnecessary stress.

Something exciting happens...

Learning to say 'no' means that something exciting happens. Your "yes" will have a whole new meaning. It will include a force rarely seen before. When you make the word "no" to a well-targeted tool, you simultaneously power-charge your "yes" to the fullest. Your yes becomes a joyful, life-affirming and healthy energy wave that you send into yourself and into the environment. Saying no means always saying yes to something else.

The opposite is what makes so many find it difficult to get power in their "yes". Meaning that yes means saying no to something else and if you dislike saying no it becomes a half hearted "maybe" instead of a true yes. Your maybe is then swiftly blow over board in the first breeze of everyday chores, and your are left to drift with the wind of concerns and should's at its pleasure.

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