To support the five pillars, make sure you have the four support functions in good shape. They are:

  • Rest and relaxation (giving yourself time to recover, sleep well and treat yourself to massages)
  • Environment (nurture your home environment with clean air and fresh water)
  • Exercise (work out regularly, the human body is built for movement)
  • Nutrition (be sure to feed your body quality fuel)

Filippa: Balance in life for me is not that all problems are gone, but that I feel I am in a flow, taking care of the problems that exist and that I'm feeling good in the meantime.

Balance is to know that I have what I want and I can actively choose how I want to be and act in various situations, including unexpected and possibly unpleasant situations. That I am enjoying myself outside my comfort zone. I want to wake up refreshed and feel alert, healthy and full of energy.

Balance is when I feel that the relationship with my partner and my parents and brother is good. I want to know that I do not have to have count the money every time when I shop but that I have ample freedom to buy things and do what I want. Also that I am able to give at least 10% of what I earn to charity.

I want to feel that I contribute to society and the world in different ways and that I do it with joy.

Markus: Since some time back I use the five pillars above and the four support functions as the basis for the planning of my life. I notice a tremendous difference in my productivity, efficiency and quality in all the different areas when I make sure to include the various components. I have heard others say that they cross-fertilize each other, now I can really bear witness to that being true.

For example, if I sit and work with something that obviously has a bearing on contributing to good family finances, I sometimes say to myself "I sit only five minutes so that I get this done" and the time flies by and before I know it half an hour is gone. When I learned instead to being disciplined, finish on time as I had originally planned and take the time to, for example, clean the home or nurture friendships, then something amazing happens the next day.

I am extremely motivated when I sit down to work again and am full of energy. How many times are there, when we have spent 8-10 hours with something and not really gotten a single thing done? There is much efficiency and quality to gain from a balanced life.

Plan your life for well being

Planning is, as we mentioned above, a major key to a life in balance. Those who do not take time to plan their lives, plan for failure.

An American gentleman named Jim Rohn says that if you have not planned your day already before waking up in the morning, you might as well throw in the towel.

The best thing to do with that day when, according to him, is to use that day for planning. So you are planning your next day, week or even month.

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