A man who does what I want

Sometimes we hear that a woman wants a man who does as she pleases. A man that satisfies her every need. And sometimes men buy into this and fall into the trap, line and sinker. A woman who feels that she can fully control a man, that is, to get him where she wants at all times will inexorably to a greater or lesser extent, lose respect for this man.

What men fail to understand

The logic of this, that men tend to miss, is that if she can control him, so can other women and that could lead to lots of misery and heart break. For a woman to respect a man he needs to show her that he has a will of his own, that he is able to make decisions that are not always pleasing to her in the moment.

What men need

A man in turn, needs to feel that his woman allows him the turning the room to make decisions about things without consulting her. For example, it may be something that he sees is important for the future of the family or relationship, but not in her taste at that moment. Then he feels respected by her and it is easier for hime to give respect in return.

The man who has everything, right?

When you ask men what they feel is the sexiest thing about a woman it often happens that women expect something else than the most common answer that men give. Most men respond without hesitation; a smile.

We may think that a man has everything, but if he is unable to make his woman happy, he is a man with a poor and dismal life inside. He will not feel that he contributes fully to the relationship and this will affect the sense of both trust and respect in relationships.

If the man's woman is not happy and he feels that he can not change it, he often reacts in one of three ways. Either by being angry, by withdrawing or becoming a "pleaser".

Markus: I would like to reinforce the almost hopeless pain it brings me when I feel that I am not able to make my beloved woman happy. It feels like being half a man, or even a third of a man ...


Closeup of man and woman in couple

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