Whatever crap she throws at the man, it is his job to keep both his feet on the ground and just love her more, the more mean or emotional she becomes.

It is important to realize that this is not about whether the woman is right in her feelings or not, and it is not a good idea for the man to start questioning this fact during the storm.

The more effective the man learns to be when it comes to confirming her feelings even if he disagrees with them, the more effective he will be at dealing with storms in a way that strengthens the relationship.

The female job of testing

If the man is able to do so trust will flourish and open up new levels in the relationship, invisible to the logic. The man's courage and steadfast love is rewarded with a woman's free flow of love when she feels she can trust that he will remain even when the icy winds are blowing and it is raining cats and dogs.

It is a woman's job to test the man in every way and the emotional storms is one way. A woman wants to know that she has a man who stands through the storm, both her own and others that may arise. She may challenge the things that he does or qualities he has as part of testing.

Filippa: It is important for me to feel that my partner loves me even though I sometimes say things that are not always so nice and that I do not really mean. To feel that I can be straight and honest.

Sometimes I say that I do not want to talk more and be left alone, although what I really want it for him to hold me and listen to me without judging or advising.

Have you noticed that when some couples argue, there's a sexual tension between them, and they often come closer to each other after a quarrel. When other couples argue, they glide away from each other, feeling hurt, and gets harder and harder for them to trust each other and speak openly with each other.

Markus: I have realized something that I recognize in myself and in many men I have met along my life path. How we men when we are challenged by another man have the ability to immideately step into the male shoes and take the challenge like a man. This can be in sports, at work or elsewhere, but we tend then to stand up with a straight torso and maintain the male energy.

On the other hand when we become challenged or tested by a woman it happens easily that the very same masculinity dissapears in a heart beat. I can see when I look back that I many times reacted like a frightened and offended child, instead of as a man, when my partner has unleashed the floodgates of one of her emotional storms.

The secret is quite clear in that even when we are challenged by a woman we need to remain in masculinity and stand steady in the storm. There is a great difference in the outcome of the storm, depending on whether I can do this. The trust and intimacy that can occur in the stillness after the storm, is wonderful.

Closeup of man and woman in couple

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