Below is a list of additional examples of values.

Which of these are most important to you? Which of these are state values or instrument values for you?

Examples of Values
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
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Education Justice Health
Beauty Sex Power
Financial Security Career Success
Personal Development Peace and Quiet Family
Food and Beverage Cultural Stimuli Excitement
Adventure Challenges Socializing
Comradery Friendship Appreciation
Humor, Joy, Play Community Adaptability
Punctuality Friends Good Salary
Accountability Value for Money Results
Quality Control Hobbies
Honesty Exercise Caring for Environment


Having a Job

Active or passive value

The values that guide your choices in life can be either passive or active. If we start with the passive, a passive value is a valuation that you acquired somewhere along life's path and made it yours, but without making a conscious choice about it. Perhaps it was something that your parents valued highly and that you indirectly made to your value, without critically questioning whether this value will help you achieve what you want to achieve in life.

An active value is a value where you have made an active and conscious choice to make this value to a basic guide in your life. An active value requires you to periodically analyze and evaluate your own values and find out what they stand for. Also to ask yourself if they still serve a supportive purpose in your life. The purpose of this process is to learn to live as you most deeply desire to live and to have harmony between the views and values you express and the way you live your life.

An active value is:

  • An informed choice with regard to various options and consequences, especially what we want to achieve and create in life.
  • A choice that we are pleased with and proud of.
  • A choice we act according to and often repeat.

Rules to be happy

In summary, we can conclude that if I live in line with my deepest underlying values, continuously every day, then I will live a life of happiness and satisfaction. The problem is that in addition to the fact that we have values, conditions that we value most and strive most intensly to achieve, we also have set up rules for what needs to happen for us to experience the state, namely the value.

This need not be a problem, but the problem is that most of us unconsciously make these rules very tough to achieve. We create a set of rules that make it difficult for us to continually and easily experience the values or states we aspire to. Therefore we often live a life where we feel we are not completely satisfied, not fully happy.

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