The truth does not live here anymore!

We suggest you set aside some time for yourself when you read this article. Depending on where you are in life or where you have been in life, it can affect you, also depending on how willing you are to take in the content.

Most can probably recognize that telling the truth in a relationship is important. Yet it is easy for us over time in a relationship to start to bend the truth. We may not express exactly what we feel, at some point when we for example become annoyed with our partner.

Holding back for domestic peace

We may withhold things and persuade ourselves that it is best for the sake of domestic peace. Maybe we are afraid of what reaction we will get from our partner if we say what we really think and feel.

The trip into the tunnel

It can start innocently as a small distortion of the truth or something small that I hold back. If we are not observant this white lie grows in strength and becomes a habit. It's like not watering a plant, it dies slowly. If I hold back the truth from someone I care about, then I gradually also to hold back my love.

This can lead us into the tunnel of the four warnings. Unless we are alert to the warnings and instead start losing ourselves, the honesty and the passion, we are soon at the far end of the tunnel where a life of numb feelings and perhaps separation awaits.

Where did the magic go?

On the way into the tunnel after a period during the truth has not been fully expressed in the relationship, we start wondering where the magic dissapeared, where did the excitment in the relationship go? The answer is that love and magic are buried under layers of unexpressed emotions.

When you turn yourself off from negative emotions, you turn yourself off from the positive emotions as well. All the feelings come from the same tap. Holding back your negative feelings also easily affects your physcial body and you start to feel pain at all possible places.

Exploring the four warnings

We will here explore the tunnel of the four warnings and see how we can experience the four warnings and what we can do to break the journey into the tunnel.

The four warnings are:

  • resistance
  • resentment
  • rejection
  • repression

They are in at that sequence on purpose because that is the order they tend to show up in. If you want to avoid losing the feelings and love in the relationship, and you want to keep the passion alive, you need to watch out for these four warning signs. So let's explore each of the warnings in more detail.

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