The tunnel with the four warning signs does not only occur in an intimate relationship with your lover and companion, but also in other relationships such as with your parents, your children, your boss at work, your friends, and even in relation to yourself.

There is hope!

The truth is always within us, you carry it with you always and it is always within reach. Although it may feel painful in the moment the truth is most liberating force that is at work in the universe.

Every time you express the truth in a genuine way regarding your emotions and return to the love within you, each time you also strengthen your ability to love. It's like going to the gym and training your muscles.

It is not about how many times you enter the tunnel...

We all end up in the tunnel now and then. As someone said, it is not about how many times you've fallen in life, it is about how many times you've gotten up again.

Every time you stand up and return to the truth, you sow the seeds for you to become stronger and for your relationship to be filled with even more love in the space that is created in a relationship where the truth lives.

Steps to take on the path to love and appreciation

Excellent tools to use in the service of truth in order to express your feelings, is for example to use feedback that we write about else where. It allows you to use a mature way to express your emotions and creates the conditions where your partner can receive it in the best possible way.

When you feel stuck in any part of the tunnel it enables you to journey back to being in love again. It is magic when it happens and often it happens in a split second. You can read about feedback in one of the classes after signing up for the free Relationship School and you can also read about communication in a mature way without signing up.

Sticking with it

It may be that once you express the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, it seems that there is no progress made. It is common when starting to express the truth again that you go backwards through the tunnel and experience the warning signs in the opposite order.

You may first come out of repression and into the rejection and then through resentment and resistance until you arrive at the opening of the tunnel and are able feel cleansed and free to love again. Remember that this can be a fast journey back, but you need to stick with it when it may seem like it is "not working" at first.

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