Similarly, your partner can react the same way. When you start to love him or her more, he or she may initially react by seemingly not caring and may reject your loving efforts. It may also be that you get an encounter with their critical side or their resentment.

If you select to persist, continue to express love and truth, they will sooner or later, respond with great love and appreciation.

Filippa: I had very difficult with expressing what I felt, but when I still tried as best I could, the result were better than I expected, but not right away.

First various misunderstandings happened and because both felt hurt we both overreacted, but I did not give up and continued to honestly express what I wanted and felt.

Although it is tough and sometimes painful, it is still worth it, it's worse to feel emotionally dead inside than being rejected so do not give up! Your self esteem will grow when you dare to stand up for person you are.

We would like to say a big thank you to for inspiration and input for this text on the four warning signs.

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