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Bryce Bauer

My path of self-development first began when I was admitted into a drug rehab facility, 13 years ago. I had destroyed every relationship in my life and I finally realized that I was the one who needed to change. This experience opened up new doors for me and I spent 6 years working as a wilderness therapy guide and residential counselor.

Although things looked good on the outside, I still struggled in with intimate relationships. I was mostly emotionally unavailable, naïve, avoidant, and quick to blame.

After another bad break up, I decided to move to Hawaii and start over. That trip turned into a 2-year adventure as I traveled around the world as a single nomad. When I returned to the states, I was extremely motivated to find a partner and create long-lasting love.

When I met my current wife 5 years ago, she introduced me to The Relationship School and we began seeing a couple’s coach. I quickly realized that I had so much to learn and that I was common denominator in my relationship struggles.

While attending a live weekend with Jayson, I became a sponge for relationship knowledge and the coaching path seemed like a no-brainer. I’ve completed several of the TRS courses and I am a graduate of both the singles and couples coach training programs. I’ve stayed on as an Assistant Course Leader for DPIR and I am currently a Supervisor in Training for the RCT program. I feel fully confident that I can help couples and individuals with their relationships because I’ve been there and I continue to do my work.

Let’s do this!