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Personal development-focused

Marketing Tech Manager
for Digital Product & Live Training & Events Company

Wanted: Direct Response Marketing Apprentice who can help us increase our reach, our revenue and the transformation we create with our world-class digital products and certifications.

Boulder, Colorado-based company The Relationship School®, is excited to be hiring an online Marketing Tech Manager who will lead the deployment and re-launch of our digital products and certification programs.

The position will be the primary driver of our marketing and will have significant responsibility in planning, strategizing and executing product launches and achieving monthly recurring revenue. The Marketing Manager must have 2+ years experience as an online marketer. You will be given expert level training and work closely with The Relationship School’s CEO! Eventually, if all goes well and you prove to be A+, you will move into the Marketing Director role in the Company.

Please Note: This position is NOT a traditional marketing position. If you have a traditional marketing/branding and PR background, please do NOT apply. This is only for online content marketers, digital marketers, and direct response marketers.

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  • Almost Full-time position – Self-employed independent contractor for 30 hours per week, including significant self training and research.
  • Work from home 95% of the time – no office
  • Location-independent can work from anywhere
  • Must work during US time zone hours (Can live or work from anywhere in North America or South America)
  • 12 month engagement with opportunity for performance-based incentives
  • Would need to be your main focus – as opposed to one of many side projects
    Pay: $22-$30/hr depending on experience, plus performance bonuses and incentives

Ready to Join a Heart-Centered, Results-Focused Team to Deliver More Good to the World?

This is a special position and unique opportunity for the type of person who loves digital marketing, learning from experienced people in the industry, and has a real thirst for personal and professional growth.

We’re a personal growth and development company with our central office located in Boulder, Colorado, who uses digital marketing to reach thousands of followers, all over the world. We are the Tony Robbins of Relationship work. Our services include teaching people how to do long-term relationship successfully, personal empowerment, growth and development. We do this at our live events and trainings and in an online platform using effective website design, automated sales funnels, email marketing, SEO, analytics, social media, copywriting and everything in-between. Our main student and client base are women between the ages of 30-55 who are in, or want, a successful long term partnership.

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice You Will Be Doing the Following:

  • Clarify our one funnel and help us scale way beyond 1 million in revenue.
    Manage and scale the current digital products and public launches from beginning to end (We have SOPs on how to do this, we need you to re-launch our products and improve them each launch!)
  • Find new ways to leverage existing products and increase offers to customer base (This means having a desire to know the pains of our market, so you can help us solve them!)
  • Heavy emphasis on direct response marketing (We want to know explicitly which email campaigns convert prospects to leads, then improve our poor-performing campaigns to generate more transformation and sales!)
  • Schedule out timeline of project and ensure execution (You’ve gotta understand the details of what’s needed, so you can plan out the full project. We’ll help you with this!)
  • Work closely with The Relationship School’s internal team on launch strategy (There’s a Project Manager here ready to support you, ensuring the design work happens from our designer on time… same with tech and copy!)
  • Set up sales funnels in WordPress and Ontraport (You don’t need to be a programmer, but you need to become proficient with the click-to-build features of both services.)
  • Research competitors and aggregate best practices and recommendations
  • If you do exceptionally well, you will eventually manage a marketing team, meetings, to dos, and follow ups (You’ll be given clear outcomes each quarter to focus on. Your ability to hit those outcomes is what we measure how well you’re doing against!)
  • Planning a funnel using manychat, facebook messenger, facebook groups, and joining a live sales call with our sales team.
  • Bringing your own ideas and experience to help us better leverage our resources.

Benefits of the position:

  • Extensive and advanced experience with nearly every aspect of digital marketing
  • Hands on experience with digital marketing strategies – see what really works
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills and what it takes to create a business
  • Access to a vast array of cutting edge, often expensive marketing tools
  • Access to high level, often expensive digital marketing trainings
  • Utilize The Relationship School’s networking opportunities
  • Direct mentorship from CEO
  • Work from home (95% of the time)
  • Having the support of a caring team, and feeling like part of our family

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn and even become an even stronger marketer in A/B testing, landing page optimization, email marketing, joint venture marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, advanced Google Analytics reporting, online sales funnels, shopping cart optimization, ontraport, and persuasive sales copy
  • Business lessons and experience working directly under CEO with frequent interaction, training, and mentorship
  • Full training and access to cutting edge marketing tools such as Ontraport, Analytics, heatmapping tech, split-testing software, landing page building, and more!
  • Persuasive sales copywriting so the words you write sell more


  • Experience with wordpress, and email programs like ontraport
  • Experience with FB groups, manychat, and messenger bots.
  • Be results oriented. If you don’t produce results, you’re unlikely a fit for our team. This means generating revenue for our business.
  • Must be extremely good at digital marketing and direct response marketing. You’re a student of or
  • Jon Loomer, or any other qualified marketing expert
  • You can write sales copy that is persuasive. You’ve read “Breakthrough Advertising” at least once and a couple of Gary Halbert’s letters.
  • You have constructed at least one successful sales funnel, even if it’s small.
  • You are 100% behind our mission and vision
  • Able to start immediately
  • You have previous experience working as an independent contractor
  • You are able to backup your marketing genius with real math and metrics week to week.
  • Have a system for tracking the most relevant KPIs.
  • Extremely tech savvy and proficient in online apps and tools required to run an online business
  • You’re currently self employed or open to working as an independent contractor, and understand how to track your own hours and business expenses.

This is the Opposite of a “Traditional Job”

The position is location independent and working with a fast growing, progressive team in a challenging, fast-paced, and fun work environment. You’ll be working as an independent contractor and given large amounts of job responsibilities and the chance to make a real impact in the world. Our mission speaks for itself and you will get to be a part of meaningful, impact-based work in the World.

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What Is “The Relationship School®”?

Our mission at the Relationship School® is to teach the world how to have fulfilling long-term relationships and how to work out your differences with anyone in your life. We do this through a variety of online courses and live events.

We are growing fast and our growth has presented some new challenges that require me as CEO to empower more people around me to help so I can stay focused on the biggest leverage points and stay in my genius zone. We are in need of someone who can help us create effective and efficient comprehensive marketing systems and structures inside our business. We need a powerful person who is aligned with our vision and wants to help scale and improve our marketing prowess in the relationship space.

We’re Growing… FAST!

We need to hire amazing people because yes, we’re growing fast. We’ve hit growth mode and are now bringing on more team members to support our new clients. This will make your work environment and day to day extremely fun, interesting, and challenging (in a good way!)

You Can Work From Anywhere (although local is preferred)

The Relationship School® follows a “distributed team” model, which means we work a lot virtually by communicating with our phones, computers, zoom, voxer, email, and other apps. We believe this gives our team members the ultimate flexibility with their lives which helps you perform the highest level possible. Basically, you can work from anywhere!

What Is The Pay Range?

The targeted pay range for this job is $22-$30/hr, depending on experience. Pay increases are earned, based on the results you produce.

Bonus… How to Stand Out!

  • A quick bonus (everyone loves a bonus!). Here are a few things we love
  • People who are interested in personal growth
  • People who understand the power and awesomeness of marketing
  • Positive and get ‘er done attitudes
  • People who teach themselves
  • People who love to learn and research
  • People who are curious and google things
  • Great at excel spreadsheets. They are works of art.
  • People who are passionate
  • People who go above and beyond
  • People who have integrity
  • People who are honest
  • People who are dedicated

Interested in Applying for This Position?