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Corinna Parish

Corinna Parish

Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

I simply dig love and its beautiful yet challenging gift. At my depth, my desire is to help people align with all that they are and to live more fulfilling lives as a means to work toward a more vibrant and sustainable future as a collective.

After diving even more deeply and tenaciously into personal growth over the past five years I have become even more intrigued and inspired by the opportunities of relationship.

My journey struggling to communicate, to express myself and to “own my experience” in relationship throughout life inevitably led me to become a communication nerd. It occurred to me that I could feel as at home or at peace within myself as possible, but if I’m not able to be a badass, to be clear, and to show up wholly out of love (versus fear) in relationship, my life wouldn’t feel as aligned and fulfilled as I desire and as much as I need to thrive.

I’ve learned to embrace that as much as relationship can be juicy, fun, and beautiful, it will be challenging. This view reconstructed for me what it means to be growth-oriented and what it means to be in relationship. I’ve had to increase my capacity to not only love but to develop an awareness and skillset around “how to do relationship”.

I’ve learned that “intimacy is connection and separateness” and this has required that I learn how to be present within myself first, day in and day out, and through the ebbs and flows. Fucking awesome gift. Additionally, I continue to learn how vital it is to be curious and to honor and support differences in relationship versus simply try to “match-up” in order to truly understand another, to truly understand my partner.

I am absolutely still learning everything, always. Each day I am shown where I can improve and my vision of a lifelong learner has been amplified. Not to mention, even though my understanding of relationship has changed, I only feel more grounded in what joy and connection is possible in my relationship.

I feel so grateful now to share these simple tools of authenticity and communication with others. I feel excited to help create those ripple effects, together – in my life, in your life, in all lives possible. It’s good work. Hard work. Life-changing.

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