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Denise Semanchin

Denise Semanchin

Level 2 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Assistant Course Leader - DPIR

I’m on a lifelong mission to learn how to love better. I work with both couples and individuals, helping them turn their relationship pain and confusion into a source of deep and meaningful connection.

But if someone would’ve told me over a decade ago that one day I’d be a Relationship Coach as well as teaching the how-to-have-an-empowered-relationship-class at the local high school I probably would’ve choked on my coffee. Back then, I was in the throes of depression and the only way I knew how to keep my head above water was to live in a fairly constant state of irritation and resentment. It’s pretty incredible that my marriage survived those early years.

And yet, after more than a decade of some serious looking in the mirror, today I live within a pretty rockin’ marriage. Yes, I still fall down – my life is real and real can get messy! But I now know how to move back into connection–with myself and with others–with integrity. And, I’ve finally learned how to turn my relationship into a source of strength and inspiration that infuses all areas of my life.

I’m a Certified Level 2 Relationship Coach and am currently the Assistant Course Leader in The Relationship School’s signature 9-month course on the Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships. I’ve been married 15 years and we have two children, a dog, and a pet snake named Petunia. I live in the driftless region of Wisconsin.

Whether it’s your relationships at home, in the workplace, or your relationship to yourself – if you’re feeling challenged or overwhelmed yet you’re willing to take a few risks in support of your desire to truly thrive – then let’s connect. I’ll help you create the life and love you not only crave, but you deserve.

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