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Elise Becher

Elise Becher

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

Where do you want your life to go from here? If you are totally honest with yourself, what’s missing? What isn’t working that you need to address? What impact do you want to have? Who do you need to be to make it happen?

According to author and speaker Tony Robbins, “the quality of [our] lives is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions” we ask ourselves. I find this statement to be unfailing in its truth and its wisdom and its power to transform.

As a coach, my primary goals are to support, encourage, and challenge my clients as I teach them how to ask themselves hard questions, the ones that help them stretch and grow and learn about themselves – to illuminate their core values and connect to the inner guidance that can best lead them forward, to identify and clear the blocks that hold them back, and to grab onto what brings them fully alive. My wish is for all of my clients to become the biggest, boldest, most empowered versions of themselves.

I am a coach, sexuality educator, democratic parenting advocate and pediatrician. I hold coaching certifications from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). As a committed lifelong learner. I am thrilled to be studying under Jayson Gaddis this year so that I can bring a crucial new set of tools for growing and thriving not only within oneself, but in relationship with others, to the toolbox I bring to my work with my clients.

Do you know you want change but aren’t quite sure about what you really want or how to make things better? Think of me as the loving big sister who will always see the best in you, who fervently wants more for you, and who won’t let you get away with the same old crap. If you are ready to be asked some challenging questions, and to acknowledge that it’s time to start showing up for yourself and the people who matter to you in a whole new way, reach out and let me know. We can grow that better version of you together.