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Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Level 2 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Assistant Course Leader - DPIR, RC1 / Student Programs Manager @TRS

I love to learn. And relationships provide one of the richest contexts I know of for learning – about communication, conflict, individual needs and wants, about myself and another, about being human, and ultimately, about what love really is.

My desire is for everyone to know that a mutual, reciprocal relationship is possible… and that relationships are actually a place where we can heal and thrive! From a-ha moments to deep vulnerability and tenderness, I invite you to experience, witness and listen to it all.

As a conflict avoidant person, after several years of not knowing whether to stay or leave a relationship, I finally had a breakthrough – by shifting my mindset, implementing practical tools, and standing in my value, I got clear. I left. Since then it’s been an ongoing exploration of navigating relationship and personal challenges and gaining even more skills, clarity, and confidence along the way.

And as the journey continues, I see that it as one likely to unfold over the course of my lifetime… one of becoming more and more myself, more comfortable in my own skin. I can undoubtedly say that relationship pain has a purpose. It has become a renewable resource, the fuel that encourages me to keep looking in the mirror, and learning. This is the healing I want to share!

In addition to coaching, couples and individuals, I have been teaching yoga for 20 years, and I enjoy hiking and puzzles! I look forward to diving in with you.

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