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Jill Fleming

Jill Fleming

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

I’m a grateful wife, sister, daughter, and mother of three creative adults. I am a lover of life helping people find safety in their closest relationships to authentically express who they are and receive the love they desire.

Growing up in a family overshadowed by pain and addiction, I found joy in nature, gymnastics, and dance. As a young adult, I began my healing journey, practicing yoga, attending 12-step meetings, becoming a teacher and getting married.

I soon noticed recurring family patterns and recognized inner resistance that prevented me from getting my relational needs met.

After a divorce and facing the challenges of single parenting, I found my way to The Relationship School. There, I learned about the benefits of deep connection, shared experiences, and taking personal responsibility in developing meaningful and resilient relationships. My second marriage is a spiritual partnership my husband and I enjoy creating daily.

My extensive mind/body training includes masters’ degrees in education and exercise physiology as well as certifications in yoga, movement therapy and relationship coaching. I offer a safe space of deep listening and investigative questions in which to explore one’s relational landscape. I use “present centered coaching” to enhance awareness of one’s core concerns as well as what one brings to relationships.

My clients gain confidence in showing up authentically, facing their fears, and setting clear boundaries toward more satisfying personal and professional relationships. 

I offer individual sessions as well as six session coaching packages to help those asking, “How can I find greater love and satisfaction in my relationships?” begin their journey.

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