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Karin Joanknecht

Karin Joanknecht

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Events Coordinator @TRS

I have always been intrigued by the countless verbal and non-verbal cues between two people. Growing up in a family where attunement and emotion regulation wasn’t self-evident, I became very skilled at care-taking and reading other people. This initially led me to study psychology. But even a masters degree in behaviour science didn’t teach me the skills I needed to personally “do relationship well”. It took the downfall of my own relationship to face my fears, put on my student hat again, and learn new tools and perspectives. Uplevelling my relationship skills has been the single most impactful thing to improve my close relationships. It’s made me a better mother, sister, friend, and even ex-partner.

I deeply believe that “Relationship” is where the magic lies. Having experienced the healing effect of being held in attention while diving into my discomfort myself, I feel inspired to pay it forward.

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