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Kenneth Telesco

Kenneth Telesco

Individual coach level 1, Relationship Mastery (DPIR)

Enduring a near death experience at an early age gave me a profound, “Lust for Life!” With fun as my motivator, I eventually became a professional theatre artist moving from state to state and relationship to relationship. To this day, Ecstatic and Contact Improv Dance serve as my huge creative outlets.

I’ve had some amazing teachers including a Native American medicine man named Beaver Chief, author and dream guide Robert Moss and tantric practitioner David Cates, who was also a teacher to Jayson Gaddis. I still regularly sit in a men’s circle and a co-ed circle that David birthed ten years ago, practicing physical embodiment as a pathway into deep intimacy with ourselves and others.

When three of my closest relations in life all chose suicide as a path, I found myself reaching out for support from therapists, shamans and various plant medicines. When my longing for deeper relational fulfillment led me to The Relationship School, the nugget that really captured my attention was the teaching that in ALL of my relationships, I’VE been the common denominator.

From that ‘AHA’ moment on, a new conceptualization of my relational life began to form. I’ve learned that I can’t change others, I can only change myself. That conflicts in relationships are normal and it’s our lack of skill in navigating those conflicts that’s problematic.

I’d love to be your coach helping you navigate the relational challenges in your world so that you too can prosper, thrive and experience fulfillment.

Let’s do this!