End the Struggle with Him in 30 Days

That’s right you smart, successful women out there… You can… End the Struggle
And, Finally Get The Relationship You Desire & Deserve

Believe It Or Not, You’ve Been Approaching This Problem From The Wrong Direction

You need help from a normal guy who used to be just like your man.

  • Stuck
  • Shut down
  • Emotionally Unavailable
  • Locked up
  • Resistant
  • Not on Board
  • Tapped out
  • Too tired
  • Checked out, etc.

I took Jayson’s course a year ago and my relationship with my husband has changed dramatically! We are closer than ever emotionally, our sexual intimacy is stellar, and we have a strong spiritual bond. It took us 7 years to get here and this course was invaluable! Thank you Jayson Gaddis

Heather Robinson

What is “End The Struggle With Him In 30 Days”?

End Your Struggle With Him In 30 Days™ is a solution, a system, broken up into a 30-day course to get you out of the victim seat and into your “smart empowered woman” seat so you can finally have the love you long for with your man.

It’s a straightforward approach to improving your relationship through unconventional tools that work. It’s cheaper and far less time consuming than processing with your girl friends, individual therapy, or couples therapy which rarely work to create lasting change with this specific issue.

How Does It Work?

Once you enroll in this power course, you’ll get access to a private course members area. Each week, you get a 45- 75 minute recorded coaching call, I walk you through exactly what to do to help your man, with simple, but very effective practices you can do between classes.

During the same module, you hear from women like you who have brought their intimate, raw, real questions about their unique situation and I answer them directly, with zero holding back.

You will get downloadable PDFs, MP3s, and other info to keep you on track week to week. You can listen to the classes whenever you like, doing dishes, on a walk or run, or whatever suits you and rewind as many times as you like.

All course materials are immediately given to you so you can pace yourself and skip around if you like.

As soon as you register, you’ll be sent to a private members area where you will find each video class, course homework, PDF’s and mp3’s.

Classes are divided into a lecture section and a Q and A section tailored to your exact situation using the tools you’re learning.

End the Struggle with Him goes beyond the standard “improve your relationship” fare. It’s not about cosmetic fixes or slick tricks and techniques for achieving short-term results. It’s a deep dive into a whole new way of being in relationship and it provides a much-needed roadmap for negotiating relationship in an empowered way. Jayson’s style is clear and direct yet supportive, and it’s obvious he walks his talk. As for the course material — he definitely under-promised and over-delivered. The course not only gave me a number of tools to create a solid, fulfilling relationship that honors my needs, but it also provided me with a foundation for improving my relationship with myself. This is one of those rare courses that shifts your perspective, provides lasting change, and offers much more than what you paid for.

Diane D


Here’s some of what we will cover over the 30 days during the course

Week 1

The Powerful 180 “Clarity to Freedom” Process (And the 1 critical view you need to have in order to succeed in ANY relationship) Most women see a HUGE shift right after this first class.

You will also learn:

  • The most critical context needed to succeed during this 30 days, and to apply it immediately.
  • Where you struggled before and were met with resistance, you will instantly get a new, positive vibe in your marriage.
  • How to stop spinning your wheels, get to the real issue (on your side), and dissolve it (Clearing it will give you a huge exhale, big relief)
  • How to help your husband feel supported instead of judged or challenged, which leads to him no longer needing to defend himself
  • Basic requirements to get the most out of this course
  • 3 keys to focus on during this 30 days
  • What the REAL issue is with you and your man
  • How to get to more clarity and freedom through a powerful process.

Week 2

Male Psychology – Getting Inside His Head & Why He Is The Way He Is

You will also learn:

  • From a man who’s been there. More details from Jayson’s story and other men and why it matters here
  • About male psychology & male conditioning, why he’s emotionally unavailable and the most effective way to reach him
  • 3 hidden body language signs that tell you he will most likely never change
  • The 3 sentences he will say that will give you absolute confidence that he’s in this and wants to go for it with you. And, how to distinguish between lip service and real-deal action
  • How to gain certainty whether or not you should keep working at it, or cut your loses, walk away and save yourself a whole bunch of time, money and energy
  • What the boy code and man code are and how it’s playing out with your man
  • The 3 behaviors that indicate he will never change
  • Your man’s biggest fear + The prime motivator for men
  • Who the only support is in his life is…and why this is a relationship buzz kill

Week 3

How to Talk to Your Man Effectively & Why Things Are Not Working Between You Two (plus, how to communicate effectively so that your relationship grows and deepens over time). Not getting this method of communication will keep driving wedges between you and increase your fighting.

You will also learn:

  • How his values and yours are likely clashing, why that is, and how to deal with it quickly
  • About how you’ve abandoned your needs and getting clear on them is crucial to communicate effectively with him.
  • How to find your non negotiable pillars and why they are paramount to you ending the struggle with him.
  • How to identify your/your man’s non-negotiable pillars
  • How to communicate with a intelligent new software that works with him consistently.
  • Personal examples from Jayson’s life in how he and his wife organize their values, preferences, and priorities
  • Why Jayson won’t heal his immune system…or what it will take to heal it…
  • The 5 keys to a successful relationship
  • They key reminder that makes or breaks our relationships
  • The main reason he doesn’t want to join you…
  • How to create a more secure homebase in your relationship
  • Linking values, preferences and priorities with each other

Week 4

Exactly What To Do Next

You will also learn:

  • How his values and yours are likely clashing, why that is, and how to deal with it quickly
  • How to identify your/your man’s non-negotiable pillars
  • The decision making strategy
  • The exact signs to know if it’s time to stay and work, or leave
  • His empowerment scale. The telling signs he’s in or already checked out
  • Your empowerment scale which helps you step in or out

Week 5: Q&A

In this class you will learn how the EHS Course has benefited the community of women who have chosen to take on the End Your Struggle journey. Through this interactive Q&A, you will hear immediate feedback from Jayson on a variety of questions posed by actual individuals participating in this course. You will hear how the tools and elements provided have effected these empowered women, and how beneficial it can be for you.

You will also learn:

  • The 3 Types of Shared Contexts for Relationship
  • The 12 Step Integration Plan
  • Why it’s hard to do the hard thing sometimes
  • Other women’s personal shares and examples

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Bonus #7

Why Men Are The Way They Are: Cracking The Man Code
  • In this eBook You Will Learn: + What does it mean to be a man in today’s culture? + How to come back into connection from disconnection + A man’s greatest fears and what stands in the way of a man’s personal freedom + How to break free from the deep male social conditioning + What is the boy code and how you got “trained” to be a certain kind of man + The importance of rituals and rights of passage for today’s growth-oriented man

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All of this for $197.00 USD

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I’m so absolutely sure that this 30-day course will help your marriage, that I’m offering a risk free 30-day money back guarantee.

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You have nothing to lose!

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