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The ultimate relationship training. Enhance your communication skills, establish secure relationships, and gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance. Join our signature nine-month self-development course.

Tired of struggling in your relationships?

You’re not alone.

You deserve a life of love, respect, and connection with the people around you. Relationship Mastery can help you build that life, one relationship at a time.

Transform your relationships and your life with Relationship Mastery – the proven method that has helped thousands of people build a life of love, respect, and connection.

Creating meaningful connections is hard – but it doesn’t have to be.

So much of life’s meaning comes from the bonds we form with the people we know and love. In its 85 years and counting, the Harvard Study of Adult Development has found that personal connections are the most important factor in long-term health and happiness. Unfortunately, maintaining those bonds in a healthy, sustainable way isn’t always easy – especially if we’ve never been taught how.

This often results in persistent and painful issues, such as:


Chronic loneliness and disconnection


A sense of hopelessness, that you won’t find a solution


Constant arguments with your partner or children


Difficulty communicating how you feel


Trouble connecting with people on a deeper level


Not feeling that your needs are being met

Whether you’re faced with tough conversations with a romantic partner, dealing with toxic friends or family, or just feeling disconnected from the people around you, these problems won’t go away on their own.

The good news is, you have the power to overcome these problems through the right knowledge, consistent practice, and the support of a loving community. Relationship Mastery gives you all this and more with a simple, proven, and easy-to-follow system.

Transform your relationships and your life with Relationship Mastery

What’s the root cause of your conflicts?

How do you set proactive boundaries?

What should you do about issues with attachment, resentment, or lack of appreciation?

In other words, how do relationships really work? 

Relationship Mastery is your guide to understanding how to understand and overcome difficulties when they arise. More importantly, it equips you with both the mindset and the skill set you need to create lasting, meaningful connections with those you love.

Grounded in proven psychological principles and strategies, Relationship Mastery isn’t just another course – it’s a journey that, if you have the courage to take it, will transform your life forever.

Join thousands of satisfied students who have transformed their love lives with Relationship Mastery. Enroll now and start your journey toward the life of love and connection you deserve.

Jayson Gaddis

“A long-term relationship is the hardest and most rewarding journey one can make. It is through a partnership that we learn to be who we are. 

The most direct and immediate path of personal transformation is relationship. That’s why I created a course, a hero’s journey, where you will face all of you and become a stronger human along the way.”

Jayson Gaddis, Founder of The Relationship School

The secret to lasting connections and a more fulfilling life

By enrolling in Relationship Mastery, you’ll learn how to create and maintain healthy, loving relationships that enhance your well-being and bring you closer to the people you care about most.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you complete the course:

  • Discover the keys to effective communication, including how to express your needs and emotions in a way that your partner will understand and appreciate
  • Learn how to navigate conflict in a way that brings you and your partner closer together, rather than pushing you apart
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your own needs and desires, and how to express them in a way that creates mutual satisfaction
  • Explore strategies for building trust and intimacy, including how to overcome emotional barriers and create deeper connections with your partner
  • Gain a new perspective on love, intimacy, and relationships that will help you create the fulfilling and joyful life you deserve
  • Develop a more positive and empowered mindset, leading to greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back in the past

Don’t wait another day to start building healthier, happier relationships. Enroll now and start your journey towards Relationship Mastery.

The Three Keys to True Mastery:


Don’t repeat past mistakes by relying on what you already know. Upgrade your understanding of relationships through evidenced-based content steeped in Attachment science, interpersonal neurobiology, and common sense from a real person in a happy, healthy, and thriving marriage.


To learn any skill, you have to practice regularly, and relationship and communication skills are no different. Our curriculum keeps you on track, reminding you to practice over and over until what you learn becomes automatic.


Relationship skills can only be practiced with other human beings. By connecting and practicing with real people, you are held accountable and are more likely to follow through. Plus, you’ll feel a deep sense of belonging with others who are on the same journey with you.

Relationship Mastery Includes:

    • 18 modules (self-paced, on average most students work 2-4 hours per week = 2 modules per month = 9 months to complete the course).
    • Growth sessions with Jayson (live group coaching calls with your cohort – 60-min, one Wednesday/month @ 12:30pm MT).
    • Individual coaching (monthly) with a Certified Relationship Coach(30 Min).
    • Study group with your cohort (monthly) lead by a Certified Relationship Coach (60 Min).
    • Student practice calls every two weeks with a fellow student (optional).
    • Facebook group to connect with your peers.
    • Exclusive pricing on additional individual sessions with your certified relationship coach (valid for the duration of the course).

Schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if Relationship Mastery is the right course for you.

The Curriculum:

Relationship Mastery is a comprehensive 18-class program that takes you on a journey of personal transformation. Here’s a sneak peek of just how much you can expect to learn, achieve, and grow:

Class 1: Introduction
You’ll understand the principles that will shape the course, build your vision for the next 9 months, and tap into the power of a Growth Mindset.

Class 2: Radical Personal Responsibility & Attachment
Here you’ll begin to truly understand what you’re up against, and equip yourselves with the mental and emotional tools to overcome it.

Class 3: Self-Connection and The Compass
Are you aligned with your True North? This class will challenge you to go deeper in your self-understanding, so that you don’t get lost on the journey.

Class 4: Feedback & How to Do it Well
We each have different feedback styles, but effective communication goes much deeper than that – find out how much deeper in this breakthrough class.

Class 5: Human Development
Humans are social creatures, and our development varies widely both as individuals and as groups. You’ll discover just how much this impacts your relationships in this class.

Class 6: Needs (Part 1)
This class will teach you about the two basic needs we all have, and two of the most important, life-changing questions you can ask yourself.

Class 7: Needs (Part 2)
What is the true cost of not speaking your needs? By the end of this class, you’ll understand this, as well as how to effectively communicate your needs to others.

Class 8: The Family System
We can’t choose the family we’re born into, but we can choose how we respond to it. This class covers family systems, codependency, boundaries, and more.

Class 9: Conflict & Interpersonal Stress
In this class, you’ll learn about the different facets and stages of partnership, how to manage conflict, and how to deal with relational stress.

& more…..

Class 10 – Repairing Ruptures

Class 11 – Clearing Resentments & Judgments & The 180 (Part 1)

Class 12 Clearing Resentments & Judgments & The 180 (Part 2)

Class 13 – Feelings, Emotions, Shame & Guilt

Class 14 – Fear In Relationships

Class 15 – Attachment & Compass In Relationships

Class 16 – Boundaries

Class 17 – Sex

Class 18 – Vision & Integration

Transformative results: what our graduates have achieved with Relationship Mastery

We’re thrilled to share the stories of our graduates and the incredible results they’ve seen through Relationship Mastery. From better relationships to greater self-awareness, see how this program has made a profound impact on their lives.

“Before I joined Relationship Mastery, I was struggling with feeling stuck in my relationships and unsure of how to break free from unhealthy patterns. This course was truly life-changing for me. The tools and methods I learned have helped me transform my relationships with partners, friends, and family. I’ve gained a new level of confidence in myself and my ability to communicate effectively. Thanks to Relationship Mastery, I’m now in a healthy and loving relationship with someone who truly values and respects me.”


“I can’t say enough positive things about Relationship Mastery. The skills I learned in this course have had a profound impact on my life. My husband and I now have a deeper connection and understanding of each other, and we’re able to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. I’m so grateful for the support and accountability I found in the Facebook group, which has helped me stay on track and continue growing in my relationship skills. If you’re looking to transform your relationships and your life, I highly recommend Relationship Mastery.”

Katharine S. – Utah

“I was hesitant to invest in Relationship Mastery at first, but it turned out to be the single most important decision I’ve made in my life. The benefits have been massive, and I’ve gained a new level of confidence as a partner, coach, father, and friend. The tools and support I received have helped me make exponential progress in my relationships and my personal growth. I only wish I had discovered Relationship Mastery sooner!”

Art M. – San Francisco Bay area

“Relationship Mastery has been truly life-changing for me. The effective tools and methods I learned have helped me embody deep confidence as a partner, father, and friend. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how this course has had an exponential impact on my life and family. I can’t imagine a better investment in myself, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to transform their relationships.”

Steve S. – Chicago, Illinois

To say it’s been life changing feels trite, but I don’t know how else to describe this and how powerful it is. I’m just feeling more secure in who I am and what I’m doing and how that reflects in business. I’m establishing better boundaries to support myself. I’m not feeling as emotional around the ups and downs of business, which has been huge for my well being.

Casey S. – Philadelphia, PA

“I can honestly say that Relationship Mastery has been the best thing I’ve ever done, both for my relationships and for my own personal growth. In just a year since my divorce, I’ve been able to co-parent with my ex and have a great friendship with her. My relationship with my kids has significantly improved, and I’m establishing better boundaries to support myself. This course has been the top thing that’s changed my life, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Abby B – Minneapolis, MN

“I joined Relationship Mastery from Germany, and it was a comprehensive and powerful training that exceeded my expectations. The tools and insights I gained have helped me disassemble and ultimately reassemble the ways I show up in relationships. Over the course of nine months, I learned a ton and continue to go back to the course to repeat certain exercises. I’m continuously deepening my understanding of what I’ve learned, and my relational life has slowly but surely changed. I now have a better understanding of what is possible in a relationship and what kind of relationship I’m actually looking for.”

Sven V. – Germany

“Thanks to Relationship Mastery, I feel completely transformed! I now have more clarity about how to address stuck places in my personal relationships and more confidence moving forward. This course helped me invest in myself and my personal growth journey, and I’m so grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my life.”

Lisa N. – Denver, CO

Relationship Mastery BIPOC & LGBTQIA+Scholarship

Diversity Outreach Scholarships focus on BIPOC & LGBTQIA+, therefore the applicant must be one or more of these identities. Candidates must complete the Relationship Mastery scholarship application and the required interview to be considered.

How will your relationships play out for the rest of your life? That choice is up to you.

Don’t let another day go by feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled in your relationships.

You deserve more, and Relationship Mastery is the key to unlocking your potential for deeper, more meaningful connections. 

The power to transform your relationships is within your grasp, but you have to take the first step.

Don’t wait another moment to start your journey towards Relationship Mastery.

Enroll now and gain access to all the tools, resources, and support you need to create the deep and fulfilling connections you deserve:

  • Lifetime access to the Relationship Mastery online course
  • A community of like-minded individuals for support and accountability
  • Bonus materials and resources to ensure your success

Take the first step towards a more connected and fulfilling life. Click the button below to enroll now.

Relationship Mastery FAQ’s

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Relationship Mastery. Check them out along with the answers we provide, and if you have any other questions you can contact us at: [email protected].

What will I learn in Relationship Mastery?

Relationship Mastery is a comprehensive 18-class program that takes you on a journey of personal transformation. It is the ultimate relationship training to master your communication skills, establish secure relationships, and gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance.

What if I start Relationship Mastery and then discover it's not right for me?
  • Because we are fully committed to helping you change your relationship and your life, we want to offer you this 100% money-back guarantee. If you participate and complete the entire course, including completing every class, every homework assignment and turn them in, and you do at least 12 practice calls, and still don’t feel that we’ve delivered on our promise, we will happily refund 100% of your money.
  • You must apply the education in this course to your life and your relationships. We know that if you do, you’ll get results. But If you do the work and still don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money, and we’ll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.
  • We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed students only. We take the learning environment seriously and maintain a high standard of truth, integrity, encouragement, and inspired action-oriented learning.
Do I need to live in the United States to take this course?

No. The course is entirely online. We have students from all over the world, including Switzerland, Singapore, Brazil, Tanzania and many more!

What does the classwork look like from week to week?

You will be guided through this course over 9 months (2 classes per month).  You will have lifetime access to the course, so if you get behind you can always come back and do it later.

How much time will I need each week for the course?

Relationship Mastery takes most students between 2-4 hours per week (if you are doing 2 classes per month), depending on your pace.

Is there a forum where I can connect with other people in this program?

Yes, as a bonus you’ll have access to a private Facebook Group where you can connect and discuss your experience with others in the program.

 100% Money Back Guarantee

We feel strongly that our course is an investment that will greatly strengthen your relationships. We believe that you will love this course. However, we do have a refund policy if you are not fully satisfied with your investment. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase. Simply email [email protected] to request a refund. No refunds will be permitted following 30 days of your purchase date. If you are requesting a refund you must:

  1. Make yourself available for a meeting with a TRS member to discuss your case.
  2. Be able and willing to explain why this program failed to deliver on its promise.
  3. Communicate any dissatisfaction with the TRS team as soon as it arises, allowing an opportunity to correct or adjust the course. 
  4. Verify that you have complied with the Relationship Mastery Student Agreement.

Please note that partial or full refunds will not be granted immediately and require a thorough assessment. The review process aims to provide a fair evaluation of each refund request. Requesting a refund nullifies your enrollment. Each student further agrees and understands that changing their mind about the program after 30 days, failing to follow through or understand the details of the program, not experiencing the results they expected or desired, or experiencing any other similar situations, does not entitle them to a refund.

Jayson Gaddis

Relationship Mastery was developed by, Jayson Gaddis, artist, author, podcaster, speaker, executive coach, CEO, founder, human behavior specialist and relationship expert. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and has trained over 200 coaches in 11 countries..

His Wall Street Journal best selling book Getting to Zero: How to work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships was voted Editors Choice, Best non-fiction, and Best Leadership and Business book in 2021 on Amazon. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. They live in Boulder, Colorado. When he doesn’t live and breathe this relationship stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.