Are You Destined to Help Others as a Relationship Coach?

Relationship Coach Interest Webinar

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When the countdown timer runs out, I’ll be removing this video. Watch it right now and see if a life of service to others is in your future.

Watch this replay to learn about the Relationship School’s Relationship Coach Level 1 (RC1) program, what you can expect from the 9-month training, and to see if this is your true life’s calling.

    Here’s what we covered in the webinar:

    • Are you the kind of person that can be a successful and effective relationship coach?
    • Should you go to grad school or take the RC1 training?
    • The core content that’s covered in the 9-month program
    • The cost of RC1 and different payment options, including a flexible 12-month payment option
    • The benefit of being trained on the only map based on how relationships really work
    • What it’s like to be an in-demand relationship coach who serves clients locally and abroad
    • … and any questions you have!

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