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In This Next Class You Will Learn:

  • 4 steps to get him to pay even more attention to you so the two of you can go deeper
  • Why Taking Space Is So Vital For Both Of You
  • A Powerful Journal Assignment That Will Help You See What You’ve Missed All Along About Yourself
  • Specifc Phrases About How To Approach Him With What You Want
  • What You Will Need To “Teach Him” In Order For Things To Progress
  • A Real Case Study Of Trish & Jeff And How They Turned It Around
  • 7 Mistakes You Make To Try To Get Him To Connect With You
  • Why His “Pulling Away” Behavior Isn’t About You.”
  • The Permission You Have Yet To Give Yourself
  • 10 Of The Most Common Male Behaviors (and what’s underneath them) Of Men Who Are Emotionally Guarded or Distant.
  • You Will Learn 10 Do’s & 10 Don’ts When Sharing With Your Man or Getting Him to Connect with you


Jayson Gaddis used to be a very emotionally unavailable man. Like any normal person, he had to learn how to open up and feel connected. And, the women he dated missed the mark. That is, until he met his wife, who had a unique way of challenging him to connect in a stronger way. He’s going to save you time with these 4 very effective steps.

Real Results from Real Students

Jayson’s course was transformational!

In years of radical personal growth, I haven’t found anything that comes even close to his material, in terms of practicality, mindset, clear usable examples, hands on coaching and real life daily application! He will firmly help you identify what you are wanting, help you get clear on it, and move toward it. Be ready and willing to buckle yourself in for this ride. You are worth it. If you don’t believe that, you really need what he has to offer. Be prepared to be “met” and “seen” in a loving way you have never experienced before. He gets you. Thank you again. I’m so grateful for you, and for the Facebook friendship.” Melaney G | 42 Performing Artist, Southern Bend, IN

Tonight I worked through the 4 steps which was really empowering.

Tonight I worked through the 4 steps which was really empowering. I was very hesitant but thought why not just go for it. Worse case scenario he leaves, guess what he already did.

Well it worked, he listened and has agreed to continue talking to me in the way I have asked him to. In this conversation he disclosed how he felt he made a mistake leaving and not working it through but now feels like he has to follow through with his decision. I validated his feelings using the tool you taught me and I could feel him let go of some of his raw emotional state.

I don’t know what the future holds but just in the last 4 days my relationship has improved with my husband in a way that it hasn’t for many years and I am feeling more empowered knowing there is a way for me to get what I want out of my relationships and give just as much without losing myself or my integrity. ~ Anonymous

I just wanted to truly thank you Jayson for being my life raft.

I just wanted to truly thank you Jayson for being my life raft. You continue to guide me as I discover who I am and learn what I want and do not want in relationships as I move forward. I truly believe that I could never have gotten to this place without you!!!!!!!

Kimberly Glow

This course challenged me. A lot.

This course challenged me. A lot. I went in hoping for strategies on how to deal with my partner and came out with strategies for how to deal with myself. The tools I learned steered me out of the “he said/she said” mental loops and helped me get unstuck from some of my old wounds and patterns so I can start to tap into a deeper foundation of joy and power. I’m so grateful!

Rachel V

When You Invest In Yourself Today You Will Get:

  • 1 hour video class
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  • 4 step guide for you
  • 4 step guide for your man on how to listen to you and understand you

<strong>Bonus 1:</strong>

A Cheat Sheet For Your Man On How To Listen To You Like A Badass

  • What he’s doing that isn’t working
  • A guide on what NOT to do when listening to you
  • A step by step cheat sheet on how to get you, and validate you

<strong>Bonus 2:</strong>

2-hour recorded downloadable audio of free advice for women like you who are struggling with their man

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