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Here’s what’s going on… so many people ask me about what a successful COMMUNITY looks like and I thought I’d host a party at my place to showcase the amazing community of emotionally intelligent friends that have come together through Relationship School.

You’re part of that! <– Click here after 5:55pm Mountain Tonight!


Here are the details…

The Livestream will start at 6:00 pm Mountain sharp on Zoom. If you haven’t been on a Zoom call before, download the free Zoom app for your phone or tablet in the app store.

Date: Sunday, August 26th
Time: 6:00pm Mountain (8:00pm Eastern, 5:00pm Pacific) <– First giveaway drawing is at 6:02pm MST!
Duration: 2 hours (maybe more, depends on your questions!)
Location <– Click here after 5:55pm Mountain Tonight!

See you soon,

P.S. – If you’re interested in DPIR, you’re running out of time to join! Click here to read more. Doors close September 4 at Noon, MST!

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