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Our mission is to help humanity build safe, sexy, and successful romantic relationships by giving you the most important education you never received in school.


Growth-development oriented human beings who understand that a strong romantic relationship is the most important predictor of life satisfaction. We treat a romantic relationship as a path to deeper self understanding, self-actualization and collaboration.


WE STAND FOR LOVE. So, we teach street level relationship skills to teens and adults by giving them the necessary map and tools to have safe, sexy, successful romantic partnerships.


1. Because we’ve all felt ashamed and hurt in a relationship and we all have a personal stake in finding a safe thriving partner that has our back. We long to belong to a strong partnership.

2. Because when we don’t figure this part of our lives out, we have more stress, we die sooner, and we feel even more alone.

3. Because we can accomplish and self-actualize more together than we can alone. And life takes on more color and meaning when we understand how to deeply connect with a life partner year after year.

4. Because a romantic relationship can be the greatest life adventure we will ever experience.


The Relationship School® is for anyone smart enough to finally understand that without more learning and practice, you will not get very far in your romantic relationship.

Our work reaches individuals, partnered individuals, couples, parents, teens, and young adults.

We like depth and we teach you how to go deep in yourself and with your romantic partner, not just in the beginning, but year after year after year.

Every single day, we are in the trenches teaching growth minded people like you, who want to have a strong and inspired long-term romantic relationship, how to turn any and all interpersonal challenges into opportunities to get empowered alone and together.

The Relationship School® is for you if you have pain or longing about creating a successful partnership over many years.

You get how important this part of your life is. You understand the expensive cost of not learning this stuff. You don’t want to live alone or die alone. You want to be seen, and known deeply, and to be in a mutually loving partnership where you have each other’s backs, no matter what.

Wait, There’s More…


Our vision is to be the global leader in romantic relationship education by bringing street level practical tools and advice to over 1 million teens and adults across the globe. Here’s a sample video from a few teens that have been impacted by our work:

The Relationship School® is designed to teach you the class you should have been taught in high school or college that covers everything you need to know about how to have a thriving successful long-term relationship.

While our context is "long-term partnership," the applications are far reaching. This training will help you become a more effective listener and communicator which has far reaching implications for your life at work, home, and in any social interaction.

The Relationship School® courses are for any adult individual (or couple) that wants to get the fundamentals of relational empathy, awareness, and literacy dialed in for good.

Ambassadors that Endorse The Relationship School®

Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabor Maté

“We need to foster emotional competence in our children, as the best preventive medicine.”

Dr. Stan Tatkin

Dr. Stan Tatkin

“I mean, none of us learned this stuff in school. We didn’t learn how to learn and we didn’t learn how to do relationships. Those are the two things that should be taught in schools.”

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. When we invest time and energy learning how to love and be loved, we heal pain from the past and we create the conditions for greater health in future generations."