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Alexis Robertson

I am a divorced, single mom of two wonderful and changing teenage boys. I am an entrepreneur who left the corporate world to create my own thriving wellness practice in Boston, MA. In my wellness and coaching practice, I use healing modalities to benefit the body and the mind. I do this work, and continue to be a student of this work, because I have a deep passion for helping people feel at home in their skin and in their lives.

I believe that relationships and the effects they have on our bodies can be both positive and negative. And I also believe that once we can gain the right tools to navigate interpersonal relationships we can begin to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and learn to have more awareness around our nervous system. By learning about ourselves, our relationships, and how we react under stress, we can improve many areas of our lives and physical health, and remain true to our values.

My goal in working with my clients is to help them feel understood while also supporting and challenging them on their personal journey and to gain more insight through their life experiences.