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Become a Getting to Zero Coach


In my new book, Getting to Zero: How To Work Through Conflict In Your High-Stakes Relationships, I offer readers the opportunity to work with coaches specifically trained on the concepts in this book. As a GTZ certified coach, you will learn tools and concepts to help clients work through conflict, reconnect, and get to a place of “zero”. You will learn how to help clients work through resentments, miscommunications and help them see the opportunity that conflict can create in bringing people closer to each other and closer to themselves!

What to expect after this training:

New Clients

After completing the Getting to Zero Advanced Training, TRS will refer you new clients – from businesses/organizations, to individuals and couples.

Free Promotion

Jayson will promote Getting to Zero Coaches on his book tour.

Specialized Conflict Training

Learn tools from Jayson’s groundbreaking new book to help clients reduce conflict in their life and restore connection.

Become a Getting to Zero Coach


The training:

4 hrs pre-recorded
4 CCEs

Pre-requisites: (you can do these at checkout!)

  • Pre-order Getting to Zero
  • Join “My Relationship Coach”

ONLY $99 for current MRC members (or FREE with MRC registration)

By signing up, you will get:

Instant access to Chapter 1

Early PDF copy of my book

Pre-order perks including 4-part mini-video series on conflict