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Operations Program Director

The Relationship School is an impact-based company committed to the vision of educating and empowering people around all aspects of interpersonal relationships, particularly how to work through our differences.

We are seeking an experienced, positive, proactive, detailed, and organized program director to
join our evolving team. We are a conscious and intentional team of one founders and several
independent contractors who value personal connection and responsibility, as well as bringing
thoughtful, professional, impactful work into the world. We are all committed to creating a relationally adept and sensitive world. Learn more about what we do at our website:

This is a part-time independent contractor position (up-to 20 hours per week) that could evolve
into a full-time position for the right person. As an independent contractor hours are flexible,
however, normal business days (Monday through Friday) must be maintained with occasional
errands outside of usual business hours. This position is a remote work situation.

Must own a fast laptop, have excellent wifi, and smartphone. Ample personal and professional growth and development opportunities.

Location: US/Canada based

Pay range: 30-40/hr. 

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  • Coachable
  • Super positive – get it done attitude
  • Has to have worked with 7 figure budgets 
  • Understands sprints, rocks, scrum, doesn’t get sucked into putting out fires. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent management skills
  • Excellent recruitment skills
  • Firm boundaries, not afraid to fire people
  • Wants to work in an impact based biz and grow into a lifelong career

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It’s really two roles: General manager and Operations manager

General manager:

  • Run the weekly team meetings
  • Help keep Drive organized and intuitive
  • Help keep Asana organized and up to date
  • Keep the organizational chart up to date
  • Assure the Goals are updated, clear, and aligned with the ultimate goal
  • Assure the KPIs are updated, clear, and being updated weekly & monthly
  • Overseeing the team
  • Overseeing the recruitment and hiring

Operations manager: 

  • PMing the fulfilment of the products and services alongside the operations team (you’ll be the 4th on the ops team)
  • Booking, running, and managing live events alongside the operations team. You’ll be the PM here.
  • The same for virtual events
  • Testing and managing the technology we use to run events (ex. Zoom). 
  • Assuring quality control of all our products and services
  • Leading the operations team to succeeding in their goals
  • Working directly with the leadership team to create strategy and execute on it.

    Interested in Applying for This Position?

    To apply for this position please send a resume and a one page cover letter with how this position aligns with your values and current career trajectory to and write in the subject line: Why I’m excited about the Program Director Position.

    Submit by Friday November 20th by 5pm MT (Denver).