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Amy Baker

Amy Baker

Amy Baker

I seemed to be able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. Whether it was a triathlon, president of an organization, getting my medical degree (as a mom) or becoming Pharmacy Director and negotiating a huge raise, I could push through and come out on top. I even excelled at therapy and meditation.

Unfortunately, none of that achievement translated into successful relationships. With 3 marriages and divorces under my belt, and several instances of falling hard and fast in love, I finally landed painfully on my face and decided to focus and commit to this all-important area of my life. Enter The Relationship School!

As a healthcare provider, I am always searching for the root of issues. Realizing medications aren’t the magic fix, I completed a functional medicine fellowship, and I realized I was yet again left with pills in hand.

Through my journey with The Relationship School, I now wholeheartedly believe that the root of true overall health is through living in alignment with our highest values.

And the way to get there? Through safe, secure, healthy relationships. I also realized that my relationship with friends, my job, money, and definitely myself are all powerfully similar!

I am excited to combine my 20+ years of leadership, health and mentorship, plus my own direct experience of heartbreak and loss to guide others to empower themselves to have the life and love they want and deserve.

I can’t wait to hear what you most desire and walk alongside you on your journey there!