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Bryce Bauer

Bryce Bauer

Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Level 2 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Assistant Course Leader - DPIR

My path to healing my relationship life first began after a stint in a drug rehab facility 12 years ago. I had destroyed every relationship in my life at that point and I finally realized that I was the one who was going to have to do the work. After taking on this responsibility, I also realized that I found great joy in helping others. I made it my mission to live a life of inspiration and service.

After years of working in the drug treatment industry and attending coach training’s, I thought I must an expert on how to create a fulfilling life. The only problem was that my love life was still a mess. Everything on the outside looked awesome, but I was consistently unhappy and unfulfilled. I thought that all that was missing was the right person as I jumped from relationship to relationship.

When I saw that another one of my relationships was ending, I decided I wanted to get away and I bought a ticket to Hawaii. A 2-week trip turned into an 18-month sabbatical in which I circumnavigated the globe.

Although I built so much confidence in myself and got to see so many parts of the world, I returned back home with the awareness that I no longer wanted to be alone. Coincidentally, I started dating a marriage therapist and it quickly registered that I was lacking in education, practice, and awareness.

Through the first 2 years of our courtship, we began to see a couples coach and we attended Jayson’s Embracing Conflict Weekend. I couldn’t believe that I had never learned any of this and it began to click that relationship work was what I was lacking for all those years.

My now-wife was a “hell yeah” to me moving forward with this training and we now do much of our work together. After completing the DPIR and RC1 course, as well as continuing to do my own work, I feel fully confident that I can help others create the relationship life they’ve always dreamed of.

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