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Fereshta Ramsey

Fereshta Ramsey

Level 1 Certified RS® Relationship Coach

Fereshta Ramsey is a sought-after thought leader on the topic of authentic self-expression and empowered relationships.  Under the direct guidance of Debbie Ford, the CEO and founder of The Ford Institute, she has spent the last 20+ years helping individuals with her unique coaching methodology integrating shadow work, neuroscience, and attachment theory.

As a sensitive person in the world and in relationships, she committed to furthering her training in interpersonal psychology and neuroscience, under the direct guidance of Jayson Gaddis, the CEO and founder of The Relationship School, she now supports her clients with the powerful relational tools and skills needed to create deeply meaningful, transformative, and thriving relationships.

As a Trained Mentor at The Relationship School, she is able to take a deep dive with coaches and coaches-in-training, to support them in their authentic expression, the upleveling of their coaching skills, and ways to feel empowered in connection with others.

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