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Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

RS® Supervisor / Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Level 2 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Assistant Course Leader - DPIR, RC1 / Student Programs Manager @TRS

I love to learn. And relationships provide one of the richest contexts I know of for learning – about communication, conflict, individual needs and wants, about myself and another, about being human, and ultimately, about what love really is.

It’s my desire for others to know that a mutual, reciprocal relationship is possible. And not only that… relationships are actually a place where we can heal and thrive! From a-ha moments to deep vulnerability and tenderness, I want to invite you to experience, witness and listen to it all.

Growing up with a deficit of connection and presence, and my own failed relationships due to addiction and a lack of self-worth, planted the seeds that have flowered into a journey of wanting to understand my part and myself – and get some relationship skills! After several years of not knowing whether to stay or leave a relationship, I finally had a breakthrough – by shifting my mindset and implementing the practical tools I got clear. I left. Since then it’s been an ongoing exploration of navigating relationship and personal challenges and gaining even more skills, clarity and confidence along the way.

And as the journey continues I see that it’s an ongoing process, one that is likely to happen for the rest of my life… one of becoming more and more myself, and more comfortable in my own skin. I can undoubtedly say that relationship pain has purpose. It has become a renewable resource, the fuel that encourages me to keep looking in the mirror, and learning. This is the healing I want to share!

I am an inaugural student, Certified Level 1 Couples Coach (300+ hours), Certified Level 2 Relationship Coach (500+ hours), Assistant Course Leader, Supervisor and Student Programs Manager at The Relationship School currently pursuing my Level 2 Couples and Level 3 Individuals coaching certifications.

In addition to coaching, couples and individuals, I have been teaching yoga for 20 years, and I enjoy puzzles! I’m currently living in beautiful Boulder, CO. I’m blown away by the possibilities of expansion – within, and with others. I look forward to diving in with you.

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