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Julie Gillaspie

Julie Gillaspie

Level 2 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Level 3 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Assistant Course Leader - RC1

Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a Relationship Empowerment Specialist – an emotional translator, teacher and coach, with nearly 20 years of experience in these various capacities. I facilitate powerful relationship creation and transformation. I help you get empowered to create a relationship that is a source of energy, strength and renewal that ultimately infuses the other areas of your life.

I am a lifelong entrepreneur. I get joy from creating and manifesting visions in my life…and I help you do the same thing in your relationship and life.

In addition to coaching, I am also a mother, a partner, a salsa dancer, a sometimes yogi, a friend, and an all-around beautifully-flawed, quirky, fun human.

My education includes a degree in Psychology and training in several specific coaching and therapeutic styles, including Gestalt, Buddhist-centered, NVC, IFS, PACT, & CBT. I also have extensive experience as a culture creator, a change maker, and a competitive athletic coach to youth of all ages.

I have over 600 hours of experience coaching couples, with couples currently comprising the majority of my private practice clients.

I specialize in coaching couples who struggle with the conflict that comes from anxious/avoidant attachment styles; couples who are reeling from infidelity or betrayal; and couples with kids who are tired of having a stagnant, distant or uninspiring relationship. I help these couples to forge a new way forward and to find each other again…and ultimately (when applicable) to show their children a more secure & empowered way to do relationship.

So ask yourself right now if you truly feel relaxed, empowered and fulfilled in your relationship? If you are not a resounding YES — if you are tired of feeling stressed out or undervalued in your relationship — it’s time to do something about it.

Transform your relationship from a source of stress into a source of strength. Because, let’s face it, having deep and meaningful relationships is the most essential key to living a long and fulfilling life (re: 75 year Harvard Study).

Don’t wait until you are looking back, wishing you lived and loved more fully…

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