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Leah Gartner

Leah Gartner

Level 2 Certified RS® Relationship Coach / Level 1 Certified RS® Couples Coach / Assistant Course Leader - DPIR

For over 25 years I have combined my curiosity for healing, transformation, empowerment, and connection with my passion for learning, teaching, and serving.

My unique professional path includes everything from waiting tables, teaching fitness classes and putting myself through college (as an adult) to achieve my goals of degrees in rehabilitative therapy and professional practitioner / instructor certifications in massage therapy, bodywork, yoga, group fitness, and mountain biking. In 2015, with this wealth of knowledge, growth, and development, my path led me back to my roots, the family business, where my role is an agent for change coordinating policies around employee wellness, environmental responsibility, managerial training and development.

Relationship is the core of everything I do, personally and professionally, and the tool I learn the most from. If you’re like me, maybe you’ve noticed some relationship patterns and lessons repeat themselves, especially the challenging ones. I’ve been married, divorced, dated, and re-partnered in middle age. I’m a mother, daughter, lover, friend and colleague. Investing in myself to study, learn, and practice solid relational skills has been the latest step in my ongoing path to live and love as well as I can.

I am a Certified Level 1 Relationship Coach – Individuals and Couples – and an Assistant Course Leader at The Relationship School®.

True to my nature, I am called to take what I have learned and deepen it by sharing it with others. I look forward to practicing with you, and sharing my experience as we connect over relationships.

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