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Get Effective Help From A Certified Relationship School® Coach

Senior Coaches & Trainers

Relationship School® Couples Coaches

If you want to hire someone to guide you through your current or past relationship challenges in a way that will support you, but also challenge you, then you’re in the right place. Relationship Coaching is for singles, partnered individuals, and couples.

Our individual coaches are trained by Jayson Gaddis who has over 18 years of experience working with the best relationship teachers and methods. Our couples coaches are trained by Jayson & Ellen who combined have over 40 years of experience in human behavior, psychology, healing, and coaching.

Our coaches job is to help you get the kind of relationship you want by examining everything that stands in your way. They will help you identify your non-negotiable needs, clarify your desires, and be true to your values and integrity.  Our coaches understand relationships and are doing the work everyday on improving their own relationships.   

NOTE: This is NOT psychotherapy or counseling. Our relationship coaching is called Present Centered Relationship Coaching and is all about getting you the result you are after. 

All coaches are educated in Present Centered Relationship Coaching (PCRC), a coaching approach and technique that helps people integrate and be more true to themselves in the context of intimate relationships in the here and now.

We have three coaching certification levels for individuals and couples coaches based upon coaching hours, experience, and training in TRS:

  • Level 130+ hours of PCRC (individuals); 60+ hours of PCRC (couples). This does not include experience and coaching hours outside of TRS
  • Level 2400+ hours of PCRC (individuals or couples)
  • Level 31,000+ hours of PCRC (individuals or couples)